Welcome to ScratchBox. Put simply ScratchBox is a platform for up-cycling of surplus components. This means that all components are free, however there are limits on the quantity of each component that you may add to your cart. An overall quantity of twenty (20) components is allowed per order and will incur a service and delivery fee of R25 payable currently only via EFT.

Please enjoy our Store and feel free to provide comments and suggestions.


I thought I was the luckiest person when I came across two lots of component stashes that were destined for the scrap dump. Within a few days of acquiring these components I realised that I have no use for at least 99.9% of them and this got me thinking. Firstly, there must be many people and companies that have stashes of components gathering dust as they no longer have uses for them and secondly, there must be a way to distribute these to a "good cause"... This is why I put together ScratchBox.

Random Tools

Random Tools